Dateless and alone 
Yu-ri KANG: SON Ye-jin

What she has: A sixth sense and ability to see ghosts after a tragic traffic accident in high school
What she doesn’t have: Dating experience. 

Thanks to her long, straight hair, expressionless face, and a spine-chilling secret ability, Yu-ri has been forced to live alone. Yu-ri meets other people and dreams of living a normal life, but she is tormented with the ghosts who get in the way of every relationship she’s ever had. 

Starring in the hit TV drama series, <Personal Taste> and films like <My Wife Got Married> and <The Art of Seduction>, Son Ye-jin is undoubtedly Korea’s queen of romantic comedy. Recognized for her looks and acting talents by both male and female fans, Son Ye-jin takes on the challenges of this fresh, new romantic comedy in her role as Yu-ri. The hit-making talented actress breathes life into this unprecedented character and has perfected this never before seen female protagonist. 

Selected Filmography

<The Tower> (2012), <White Night> (2009), <My Wife Got Married> (2008), <Open City> (2007), <The Art of Seduction> (2005), <April Snow> (2005), <A Moment to Remember> (2004), <Crazy First Love> (2003), <The Classic> (2003)

Selected TV Drama Series 
MBC ‘Personal Taste’ (2010), MBC ‘Spotlight’ (2008), SBS ‘Alone in Love’ (2006), KBS ‘Summer Scent’ (2003)

Horror magician extraordinare
Jo-gu MA: LEE Min-ki

What he has: A great job as a horror magician and an awesome car.
What he doesn’t have: Guts. 

Although he is the most popular horror magician in Seoul, Jo-gu is a skittish guy who can’t even sit through a scary movie. After hopelessly falling for Yu-ri, Jo-gu fearlessly sets his fears aside and fights to protect their love. However, the more he gets closer to Yu-ri, the scarier her curse comes upon him and his life hangs by a thin thread. 

Starring in <Haeundae>, which brought in over 10 million at the box office and <Quick>, which scored 3 million, Lee Min-ki has been building a solid filmography and is rising as one of the most sought after actors in South Korea. Lee’s next choice is the nation’s first spine-chilling romantic comedy, <Spellbound>, which is now another #1 box office breaker and the best romantic comedy of 2011. Expectations are high for Lee Min-ki, the newest hot-star of the industry!

Selected Filmography

<Quick> (2011), <A Million> (2009), <Haeundae> (2009), <Romantic Island> (2008), <A Good Day to Have an Affair> (2007)

Selected TV Drama Series

KBS ‘Dalja’s Spring’ (2007), MBC ‘Really Really Like You’ (2006), KBS ‘Taereung National Village’ (2005)